Do jug filters remove bacteria from water

Are you looking for an appropriate way to have tasty and healthy water in your home?Jug filters will meet your expectations. They are small in size and their modern appearance can become an interesting decoration of your kitchen. The water jug has a very simple water filter system, so that the filter cartridge replacement is no problem.

jug filters remove bacteria from water

Properties of filter cartridges

Filtering jugs are equipped with exchangeable carbon filters that effectively improve the taste and composition of tap water. Thanks to the fact that the filter contains activated carbon, the filter prevents the formation of scale on coffee makers and teapots. It is also an excellent barrier to various microorganisms by purifying water from iron and other heavy metals.

Many users wonder if jug filters remove bacteria from water. One issue is important in this topic. All kinds of filters that are intended for tap water do not remove bacteria from it. Due to the stringent sanitary requirements, water that is allowed in our taps cannot have any bacteria. Tap water cannot be contaminated with microorganisms that can be harmful to our health. To remove these harmful substances, water supply companies use chlorine,which is then removed from the water through jug filters.

Types of filter cartridges

Jug filters, except that they remove harmful elements from tap water, it can additionally enrich them with appropriate good micro nutrients. The Polish manufacturer of Dafi filters has in its offer MG + filters, which effectively mineralize water and improve sits taste and smell. Thanks to MG + filters, filtered water may become the equivalent of bottled water.The pH + filters enrich tap water with calcium, sodium and potassium ions, raising its pH. Water filters should be adapted to the requirements of the household and the condition of tap water. For effective operation, they should be replaced every 30 days.

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