Front Doors – What To Look For When Buying One

Front doors are such an integral part of the house, but people often don’t take care of them properly. If the door does not close properly or the hinges are squeaking, it is time to buy another one.

External doors need to fill the buyer with confidence prior to the purchase.

1) Is the door thick enough? Front doors need to block out noise from the surrounding area.

2) Is the door strong enough? Front doors have to withstand any amount of force.

3) Does the door have enough locks? A single door can have two or three locks for safety.

4) How attractive does the door look? Anyone trying to sell their house needs to install a front door that grabs attention.

5) Does the door provide enough insulation? Keeping out the cold is especially important in the autumn and in the winter.


Thick doors tend to be more secure than thinner ones because it is not possible for thieves to cause any damage at all.

A thick door from provides a barrier against loud noises outside. When the neighbours are having a raucous party, nobody in the adjacent houses can hear anything because of the door’s thickness.


Doors need to be able to withstand the force of a football being kicked against it. Inquire about how much force the door can actually withstand.


Sophisticated locks stop anyone from breaking into the house. A single door could have several different types of locks, such as a Yale and a sliding bolt. Well-made locks have to pass rigorous testing before the door can be sold to the general public.


Doors are not just for protection because they also need to look attractive. Choose a door which is extremely stylish.


Insulation is another key feature of a well-made front door, so check that the new door is made to the highest standards.

How Can A Front Door Be Customised?

Front doors can be customised in a number of different ways, so this is a chance to be creative.

Add A Knocker To The Door

Visitors want people inside the house to hear them clearly, so a doorbell may not be loud enough. Install a knocker on the door so that visitors are not going to be left outside for too long.

Paint The Door A Different Colour

Paint the door another colour so that it looks brand new. Regular visitors to the house will not be able to tell that this is the same door at all.

Add A Decorative Doorbell

Doorbells add a touch of style to the door, so choose one that catches the eye and rings out loudly.

The Impact Of A Quality Door

A good door is going to make life much better for the inhabitants of the house. Cold winds, intruders and noise are shut out so that the inside of the house is comfortable at all times.

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