Know it All: What Colors Should You Paint Your Beds?

You spend at least one-third of your life sleeping, which means spending many hours sleeping in your bed. But more often than not, your beds come in bland colors like white and black, and sometimes they can even come in wood finishes. These colors are great to coordinate with nearly anything, but they lack aura and charisma.

They can make your bedroom look dull, which can influence your overall mood. That’s why if you have beds which have neutral colors, paint it with bright colors to add life and vibrancy to the furniture that you frequently use. Take your bedroom somewhere over the rainbow and paint your bed with a shade beyond the pale and neutral.

Royalty Purple

Historically associated with royalty, power, and opulence for centuries, the color purple can look beautiful for your bed. The color gained its elite status because the dye was so costly to make and rare to find in nature. But the hue gained popularity when a failed experiment in 1856 resulted in creating the first synthetic purple dye, named mauve.

Today, purple is still linked with luxury, and perhaps a little bit of mystery. Paint your beds with this color to achieve a monochromatic look. But it doesn’t need to match everything in your bedroom, or else it’ll look dull.

Try looking for beds which have headboards and color it with dark purple and start from there. When you finish painting it with purple, design the whole look of your bedroom. It should go well with the hue, like purple linens, pillows, and carpets to complete the look.

Cool Blue

According to Dulux Paints, the color blue is the most popular color worldwide. Blue can mean a lot of things like cleanliness, adventure, and optimism. That’s why coloring your beds blue and redoing your bedroom with a shade of blue can give you a boost, especially after waking up.

Apply this cool color to the entirety of your bed. Go for lighter hues of blue like sky blue, powder blue and baby blue to create a lighter mood. Then surround your whole bedroom with colors like white and gray to create a visually popping hue of blue.

Go Green

Green is a color associated with luck and calmness. In fact, it’s also one of the most popular colors globally, next to blue. It evokes a natural feeling of freshness and vitality while also being a universal signal for “go.” This hue is ideal for your beds if you want to wake up feeling refreshed and calm through the predominant color of plant life.

Paint your beds with lighter shades like mint green and lime green for a more peaceful feel, then go for bedroom accessories which complement the color. If you only have a standard color like white for your bed, it wouldn’t have the same charm that green stimulates.

Happy Yellow

People associate the color yellow with the sunshine, that’s why it can stimulate happiness and energetic vibes. For this reason, if you want to add life to your bedroom, paint your beds yellow and pattern every accessory that you have from that hue.

Yellow’s lively vibe makes it a fresh look for your children’s bedroom. If you want to apply this color scheme for your room, color your bed yellow and then put pink and turquoise accents to complement the design and be equally welcoming for adults.

Loving Red

Red is easy to spot, that’s why it represents the word “stop” in traffic lights. While it commonly signifies danger, it also signifies passion and desire. Red is also the color associated with love that’s why it is all you can see in streets every Valentine’s Day.

That’s why if you want to jazz things up in your life, try a distinctive color like red. Try shades like rose, burgundy or cherry to create a sexy look in your bedroom. Paint your bed in red, and place white linens and pillows to enhance the red seamlessly.

Tips for Painting Your Bed

  • Paint your bed before assembling it in your bedroom to avoid less hassle.
  • Before painting beds made out of iron, have it sandblasted and primed.
  • For beds made out of wood, you can easily paint it using a roller, brush, or sprayer.
  • Lighter shades require two coats, while dark ones require three coats.
  • Make sure you allow the paint to dry well before setting it up.


It’s easy to forget how colors can influence your mind and your overall mood. Perhaps, you never really paid attention to it, especially if you’re a busy person. But painting your beds with a color that suits you well can make a difference. The next time you buy a new bed say for example, a Sealy King Single Mattress, always take into consideration to paint it with hues that are for you.

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