What are the features you should consider before choosing a new vacuum cleaner?

For which purpose you are going to buy a vacuum cleaner? It is your own home or you are opting for your office place? For different places, your requirements should be different. At your office place, you don’t have much heavy furniture, thick and fancy carpets, pets’ hair etc. you just have to clean a large area decorated with minimum furniture. Now, if you are picking one for your own home, it should be the best according to your needs. Now, how will you choose the best vacuum cleaner anyway? You have the active assistance of www.vacuumpal.com to help you with every possible aspect to make your decision perfect.


This article is going to tell you all the common and necessary features you should consider before buying an effective vacuum cleaner.

Is your vacuum able to clean the carpet?

Think of your home first. Do you have a thick wall-to-wall carpet? Then you need a vacuum with more powerful suction ability. Then it can get the debris off from the deep of the carpet. A thin regular carpet can easily be cleaned with a standard cleaner. This is essential to choose the right vacuum cleaner.

Do you have pets?

You have your pets running here and there inside your home. Definitely, you are disappointed with the problem of pet hairs. These are the nuisance as well as unhygienic too. Here, you need a vacuum cleaner with special attachment specifically designed to remove pet hair. You don’t want your carpet and furniture covered up with these things. These special vacuums with special attachments will easily dig up this stuff from your carpet, floor and furniture. A pet hair attachment is designed with a nozzle and spinning brush which can rotate at very fast RPM. If you want your carpet and couch like a brand new one, you should opt for this pet vacuum cleaner.

How will you vacuum your hardwood floor?

It can be a bit tricky to clean a hardwood floor with a vacuum cleaner. To combat this problem you have to select a vacuum which includes a rotating brush to be disabled. This feature will allow your vacuum to retrieve dust and debris by the suction power. It will make your hardwood floor cleaning process easier. If you are planning to buy a cheaper one, it may not possess this advantage. If you cannot turn off your rotating brush, it can scratch your hardwood, lino or laminated floor.

Do you need to vacuum water?

According to the reviews and ratings set by www.vacuumpal.com, you can opt for a specially upgraded vacuum cleaner too. Wet vacuums are more useful because they can vacuum up dust, debris and as well as water too. Though we don’t need this feature frequently, it can be useful for some instances. For example, if you want to clear the edges of your Jacuzzi, this wet vacuum will serve you the best. It cannot be performed with any other standard cleaner.

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